Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For the ladies: Unbeatable patent leather flats!

Shoes that I like and you should try on

The link here: Ballet Flats

This weekend I went to Nordstrom and obviously went immediately to the shoe department. There was one pair of flats that I loved so much, I have to blog about them. They are Ruby & Bloom "Grace" Ballerina Flats, and I love them.

They are stylish, versatile and soooooo comfortable! 

My friend tried them on first and she would not shut up about how comfortable they are! Thinking, yea yea I'm sure they are just like any other flat. But then I tried them on, and they really are sooo comfortable and this shoe is great for any outfit. This is a staple item.

First, the style is great. Very classic, yet fun. They are cuter than a loafer and far more feminine.

They are patent leather, closed-toe. You could get them in black if you don't have a pair of black flats. The pink are girly and fun. The blue are classic yet not boring. Red - that's obvious. And banana yellow will give you that pop of color for summer.

To work, they look great with slacks and a sweater. On the weekend, a skirt and polo. They are great for walking to and from the train, and then you won't even want to take them off once you get to the office! And needless to say, they are cute with jeans. You can't go wrong!

Plus, the price is right. For $69.95, they are a great deal. Really - try these on if you need flats, or even if you don't!